Win a year’s worth of cheese!

How would you like to win a year’s worth of cheese! Well before I give you the details for that, I would love to share with you some cheesy pics, how you can eat cheese like a pro at home and who the 2017 cheese finalists are.

Now these yummy pics are of a cheese platter we put together for lunch. The platter consists of some of the cheeses that we love to eat.

A little bit about Presentation like a pro

You eat with your eyes first, so when you’re serving cheese, make it look gorgeous! If it has a natural rind, cloth or wax, leave at least some of it on the cheese so your guests get an idea of the cheese’s story. Take a cheddar for instance – a cloth rind may indicate the cheddar will be earthy in flavour, whereas a wax rind may create the perception that the cheddar will be moist in texture and fruitier in flavour. The Australian Grand Dairy Awards judges always assess the cheese for appearance first.

On our cheese platter, we had some camembert, blue, cheddar and some goats cheese.

A little bit about the Smell like a pro

As you do when tasting wine, you should always smell the cheese before you taste it. It’s important to note, however, that sometimes (like with wine) the cheese’s aroma can be quite different to its flavour. For example, washed rinds characteristically have a very pungent ‘barnyard’ aroma, which leads you to expect a strong savoury flavour – but you may be surprised! The stormy washed rind for example, is rather nutty and slightly sweet in the centre and is not nearly as strong in flavour as it smells.

These cheeses are our favourites because we love the taste and flavours. My husband loves the blue because of its sharpness but I love the camembert more because it is smooth and creamy. We both love the cheddar because of the bitey flavour it gives when you start tasting it in your mouth.

A little bit about Taste like a pro

Taste goes hand and hand with the smell. In fact, taste and smell together create an overall sense of flavour, which is why The Australian Grand Dairy Awards judges give a combined taste/aroma score for a cheese by smelling it, tasting it and finally, spitting it out.

Wait… what? They spit the cheese out? Yep, when you’re judging over 100 kinds of cheese in the space of a few hours you can’t possibly swallow them all. Our sense of taste is heightened when we’re hungry, so if a judge consumed every sample, their sense of taste would be dulled and they wouldn’t be able to judge objectively. When serving cheese at home – of course, enjoy every mouthful! But we do recommend that you try smelling the cheese before you taste it, to get full enjoyment and breadth of flavour from it!

When you’re sampling cheese, try concentrating on the tastes and flavours as you put the cheese on your tongue, then as you chew it and finally when you swallow it.

Condiments are a must in our house when we serve a cheese platter of any kind. With this platter, we put together some cured meats and a selection of crackers.

A little bit about matching cheese with wine or condiments

Contrary to serving cheese at home, Australian Grand Dairy Awards judges never judge product with a cracker or condiment. Cheese is tasted alone and crackers or slices of green apple are used as a palate cleanser in between samples. If you’re a diehard cheese addict, this is a great thing to try out at home!

So after reading all about how to serve cheese like a pro at home and looking at the cheesy goodness, are you ready for how you can win a year’s worth of cheese?! For the first time, the public has the chance to play judge to determine the champion cheese of the new People’s Choice Award.

All you wonderful Cheese lovers across the country can cast their vote for their favourite product at Two lucky voters will win a year’s supply of Award winning cheese delivered directly to their door. Please note, voting closes on the 13th January.

To see the finalists for the 2017 Australian Grand Dairy Awards, you can visit the link here.

For more information, you can visit The Dairy Australia website or head on over to The Dairy Kitchen facebook page.



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