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Dine With Heart In May

During the month of May in Melbourne, Sacred Heart Mission celebrate Dine with Heart. From the 1st to 31st of May, people dining in Melbourne are being encouraged to dine out with heart so people in need can have a meal too.

Dine with Heart month combines good food and a great cause. It’s about raising funds for Sacred Heart Mission’s meals program that serves 400 free and nutritious meals a day from its St Kilda dining hall to people who are homeless and disadvantaged.

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Cashew Chicken

I do love a good stir fry. You can include as many veggies as you want. You can also add some meat or just have the veggies by themselves.

We love eating stir fries especially with a good sauce. This recipe for Cashew Chicken sounded quite yummy, so I decided to make it for the family.

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Chilli Garlic Prawn Spaghetti

Our family dinners have had a big overhaul. I decided over the recent school holidays that I wanted some variety and some changes in our eating habits. My kitchen also had a big clean out, and I have found joy in cooking our meals again.

I was getting tired and bored of the same meals over and over again. The kids were starting to ask why we were having the same meal that we had just five days ago. I must admit I couldn’t be bothered looking for other recipes to use, and it was easier to make a meal that I could just chuck together.

Well, things have changed! I have found some wonderful new meals, and I can’t wait to make them.

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Good Food and Wine Show 2015

Did you know that the Good Food and Wine Show is coming to Melbourne soon? I have to admit that it has been awhile since my hubby, and I went to see the Good Food and Wine Show. The last one we went to was a few years back, and we had a fantastic time. We thoroughly enjoyed trying all the different cuisines and seeing new products that were being released soon. It wasn’t until our fourth baby came along that we ended up missing out on the next few shows. It was either the time wasn’t right to attend or we were busy doing things with the family. This year though, everything is aligned right, and my hubby and I are heading to the show. Since I love eating delicious food and thoroughly enjoy baking we are very excited that we will be able to go this year. I have found out there are lots of great things that will be on at the show!

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Easter Bark

Now I know Easter is over, and we have probably eaten so many Easter eggs that we are just sick of chocolate. But if you do have some Easter eggs left over and don’t know what to do with them, you can make this yummy, irresistible Easter Bark.

Since it contains lots of delicious Easter eggs, I couldn’t think what to call the bark. Easter is over, and all I could think of was Easter Bark. Maybe it could be called Surprise Bark since it has popping candy eggs in it? Loaded Bark as there are loads of chocolate in it?

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