Ripe red tomatoes

tomatoes tomatos


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. The weather here was lovely, not too cold and not too hot. I headed out into the garden and turned over the soil in the veggie boxes and planted the new seedlings. Grow little guys, grow!

Our tomato plants have given us a heap of little tomatoes. All of sudden they are ripening and you see little round red surprises amongst the leaves. Within the last two weeks though I have had to keep an eye on the tomatoes, as we seem to have some little guests having a feast on them. I had to let the dogs out early one morning ( it was still dark) and they started to go nuts running around the veggie box where the tomatoes are planted and trying to jump up on the sides. I grabbed a torch and went to have a look. I shined the light to the top of the tomato plants and there they were, two little mice! They were having a lovely chew on my ripe red tomatoes. I couldn’t do much at 3.00 am so I went back inside and hopped back into bed. When I got up in the morning (a better time of 6.30 am) I headed out to try and deter those guests from coming back. I covered the tomatoes that still needed to ripen with paper bags and tied them up at the top. I had to do a similar thing like this last year and it did work but if the paper bags get soggy from watering and rain you just need to change them. So far its working and I hope they stay away until my harvesting of the tomatoes has finished. Little buggers!

With the tomatoes that we did save, we used some of them last night in our dinner. My hubby cooked chicken parma and made a lovely tomato sauce to spread over the crumbed chicken. It feels good knowing that you have grown them yourself and of course they taste so much better than the store bought ones. I just hope I will have some tomatoes left to pick and get my hubby to make some more of his nice homemade sauce.

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