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Our veggie garden has done well during the summer growing season. We received four corn cobs this year. Last summer we didn’t  get anything from the corn. The possums ended up getting the cob as it was starting to grow so the rest of the corn plants had a hard time trying to heal itself. This year I constructed some possum protection around the veggies and success! The sweetcorn was very nice and we will grow some again next summer.

The tomatoes I grew from seeds, which I bought from Bunnings hardware and the Diggers Club. The Diggers Club has all sorts of plants, vegetable seedlings and heirloom seeds you can purchase online or from their shop. The tomato plants have grown well, with watering regularly and giving them fertiliser. I have found though the tomato plants aren’t producing a lot of fruit. Last year I just bought tomato seedlings from Bunnings and they gave us more tomatoes. It doesn’t matter though, just trying to find out what works best. That’s the joy with having a veggie garden!

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