Vintage finds

I thought today that I would share with you my love of vintage. I love old vintage pieces anything pre 1960’s, and the older the better. Just knowing that someone has used it so long ago and has used it in their everyday life. I normally just collect old cameras but I found these gorgeous little children’s shoes that were from the 1900’s.

kidsshoes kidsshoes1 kidsshoes2 kidsshoes3 kidsshoes4 kidsshoes5 kidsshoes6 kidsshoes7So what do you think? Aren’t they gorgeous! They have been well worn and lovingly used. Some buttons are missing, probably came off after being worn for that last time, or they have out grown their first shoe. There are holes and worn marks. The first shoe is dirty but that’s what I love about it. It’s sole is showing the wear marks of that little boy or girl taking their first walk or having their family walk to the local park. The stories are endless as to what these shoes have been through and where they have been. And that is why I love collecting these old vintage pieces. The history in each piece is amazing. These children’s shoes are my favourite vintage find so far…

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