In The Garden….. New growth

It’s Friday already and time for the In The Garden post. There is new growth growing in my veggie garden. With the rain and some sunny days the plants have really enjoyed it.newgrowthnewgrowth2newgrowth1newgrowth3

  • New growth of lettuce popping through the soil
  • New growth of parsley coming up. I had an old parsley plant there and left it to go to seed. What lovely little surprises!
  • My bush cucumbers are forming, how exciting!
  • The flowering of our rosemary bush. I think it’s telling me it needs to go in a bigger pot.

You can head on over to dusty country road and see what has been happening in Jacqui’s garden for this week. She has a plant that has amazing orange flowers. I am joining Jacqui every Friday for In The Garden post. Don’t forget to share what has been happening in your garden this week. Just leave a link to your blog in Jacqui’s comments so we can have a look.

Enjoy your weekend.


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