In The Garden….. It’s raining!

For the past three days now we have had a constant drizzle of rain. Drizzle we like. Heavy we don’t. I know that we should be grateful that any rain is good rain but when you have gone through major flooding at your home, you don’t really want to go through that again. The good thing is though, the garden has loved it and especially for our trees in the garden at the front of the house. I was hoping that we weren’t going to lose any as they provide some shelter and privacy. It took awhile for the rain clouds to come but it’s nice that they are finally here. rain rain1 rain2There hasn’t been much happening in my veggie garden since last Friday. The parsley and lettuce seeds have sprouted and are growing. I harvested some rainbow chard last week. I added it to a pasta dish which was very nice. The cucumbers are still the same size as last week hopefully they will have a growth spurt soon.

Don’t forget to head on over to dusty country road and see what has been happening in Jacqui’s garden for this week. She has had some rain and her garden is loving it too. I am joining Jacqui every Friday for In The Garden post. Don’t forget to share what has been happening in your garden this week. Just leave a link to your blog in Jacqui’s comments so we can have a look.

Enjoy your weekend x

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