My favourite things

My favourite things list often changes from time to time. Some things are my all time faves and then some new ones pop up and get put to the top. I would like to share with you my 10 favourite things at the moment.favouritethingsOne: Watching my children playing outside and making bridges out of sticks over the puddles. Their trucks have to get across somehow!

Two: Using our little pot belly outside under the pergola. I love sitting in front of it with a cup of coffee.favouritethings1Three: Taking the dogs down to the beach for the day. They love running on the sand and chasing the kids.

Four: Watching the kids on the beach making sandcastles. I love seeing the sculptures that they create.favouritethings2Five: My love of vintage cameras. This is the first camera that I bought for my collection.

Six: Our 1948 Pontiac Silver Streak Sedan. My hubby is restoring it at the moment and we can’t wait to take her for a drive. favouritethings3Seven: My birthday cake. I am waiting for the next family celebration so I can make it again. It was sooo good and chocolatey!

Eight: I love baking. The kids love me making hot cross buns at easter time. They have asked me to make them again so they can have them for their breakfasts even though it’s not easter.favouritethings4Nine: After watching the movie Frozen last weekend, it has become one of my favourites. We are going to watch it again this weekend.

Ten: Waiting for Tuesday night to come around so I can sit down with my hubby and watch Fast and Loud with him.

So these are currently my 10 favourite things. What are your favourite things at the moment? It could be anything, going for a walk to the park, reading a magazine or just sitting at the table having a coffee.

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