In The Garden… Wingrove Park

After our indulgence from last Sundays yummy baked treats, hubby and I decided to venture out and go for a walk. We needed to burn off some of our extra bun baggage! wingrovepark6It was nice to see the creek beds flowing with water. The sound is so soothing and very peaceful.wingrovepark1We met a bunch of these pretty ducks waddling through the grass. It was very funny trying to get these guys to stay still. wingroveparkAny close movement and they’re off!wingrovepark2This tree was so tall. The diameter of the trunk was huge.wingrovepark3Although the tree had since died, there was still signs of life growing in holes and amongst the crevices of the trunk.wingrovepark4We found these old gates while walking around the park. They lead into a property, would love to know how old they are.wingrovepark5We also spotted this old shed. It’s amazing what you find when you go for a walk. You wonder why they were built there and how long they have been sitting there unused.

Hubby and I thoroughly enjoyed our walk and felt so much better after it. I think we eat one too many pieces of bun!

It was great seeing some gardens last Friday. Karen from Leaf and Petal shared her post of tree bark. It was interesting seeing the different colours and textures, thanks Karen! And over at The Windmill Paddock, Elisha shared her visit to Aroona Farm. It looked like they had a lovely time and she has lots of photos for you to see, thanks Elisha.

If you would like to share your garden, every Friday you can join in with the In The Garden post. You are more than welcome to share your garden or someone else’s. It could be the garden down the road or the park that you have in your town. You don’t have to have a veggie garden. It could be plants that are flowering or trees that are growing. It could be planted in the ground, containers or bins.

I would love to see what you have in any garden. All you need to do to join, is add your link at the end of this post and we can pop on over and have a look. 

Happy gardening and enjoy your weekend x


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