Sunday was for relaxing

Sunday came around really quick and I just couldn’t be bothered to do anything. It was my ‘can’t be bothered day”. Sometimes once in awhile we need to have one of those days. You do so much during the week that by the weekend it catches up with you and you just can’t do anymore. That was my day yesterday. The kids still had their swimming lessons and I did a couple of loads of washing but that’s about it. We fired up the pot belly and just wanted to stay in front of it all day. My hubby and I had our afternoon coffee sitting by the fire and were so toasty and warm. I didn’t want to go back inside the house.sundayfire

We eventually did go back inside but I went and played Disney Infinity on playstation with the kids. Dinner was already cooking in the slow cooker and all that needed preparing was the vegetables. We allocated that job to the two older kids and they did quite a good job (note to self, get them to do it more often).

Now normally I join in on instagram with Sunday baking Sunday but we didn’t need to make any cakes for our late lunch. We had made homemade pizza on Saturday night and there was heaps leftover so we had that instead. I was not going to waste yummy homemade pizza! I did end up making a cake late in the evening for the kids lunch boxes though but it was too late to join in with instagram.

So today is catch up day for me, washing clothes, cleaning and tidying up and squeeze a little bit of food shopping in before I pick up the kids.

How was your weekend? What did you get up to? Was your weekend a little more productive than mine?


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