Taking stock in July…


Here’s what I’ve been up to…

Making: Pin cushions and a fabric teddy bear
Cooking: Banana choc chip muffins for breakfast
Drinking: My coffee in my favourite cup that I got for Mother’s Day
Reading: Lots of great new blogs that I have started to follow on blog lovin
Wanting: A new toaster because I am ready to throw the current one out the door!

Looking: At my happy mail, the ‘Hundreds and Thousands’ handmade magazine
Playing: Disney Infinity with the kids on playstation
Deciding: When to start preparing dinner
Wishing: The Thermomix appliance wasn’t so expensive 
Enjoying: Cadburys Marvellous Creations chocolate

Waiting: For the washing machine to finish so I can put on the next load
Liking: When the kids get along with each other and there is no fighting
Wondering: How to make our dogs learn to wipe their own feet
Loving: When the kids love each other
Pondering: Whether to do sewing or hand wash the dishes

Considering: Pulling out the blackberry bush
Watching: House Husbands on the Ipad
Hoping: Someone else will hand wash the dishes
Marvelling: At what things the kids say. Where did they hear that from??
Needing: The kids to clean their rooms. My God, what is under your bed!!

Smelling: My favourite perfume
Wearing: My comfy Peter Alexander winter pj’s
Following: The kids around Kmart toy section
Noticing: The grass is coming up through the mud covered backyard
Knowing: That the boys birthdays are coming up soon

Thinking: How can I keep up with that mountain of clothes growing in the laundry
Feeling: Sad and upset that a person we love has passed away
Admiring: My new camera lens
Sorting: The socks and undies into 7 piles
Buying: Milk and bread 

Getting: The kitchen clean to prepare dinner
Bookmarking: Some new blogs I came upon  
Disliking: That there will be a time that I will have to clean up the rumpus room
Opening: A packet of choc coated Eskimo snowballs
Giggling: At our dog Georgia squeezing into our other dogs little bed

Feeling: Great. Just relaxing these school holidays
Snacking: On a mandarin (then pinching a banana choc chip muffin)
Coveting: A thermomix appliance
Wishing: There was more time in the day
Helping: Miss 6 put together a lego kit
Hearing: The kids telling each other to be quiet….

What things have you been up to? 


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