The Kids verdict On The Cake…

Waiting for the kids to come out of school. I see them coming, they walk over to me.

“Hi kids, how was your day?”

“What was in the cake?” 11 yr old


“Because there were bits in it.”

“There was walnuts, carrots and sultanas. Didn’t you like it?”

“Not really. Can you not put that in my lunch box tomorrow please.”

“Did you like it?” this said to my 9 yr old

“Yes, it was nice.”

“Did you want some for tomorrow?”

“No thank you”

My 6 yr old didn’t have any as she told me she didn’t want that cake when I was packing their lunch box. My 16 yr old liked the cake and took another piece today.

I do like the kids trying different cakes instead of always Chocolate and Vanilla. I might just make a carrot cake next time and see if they like that. I think they just don’t like the bits in this cake.

So it looks like there is just more cake for me to eat with my coffee!

walnutchiacake5Have you baked anything that your kids or hubby doesn’t like? 




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