How to dry parsley

I finally got around to harvesting my parsley plantation on Sunday.


Hubby watered the parsley in the morning. The sun came out which was perfect for drying the leaves. Then by mid afternoon I pulled all the parsley out with the help from miss 6 and master 9.

Last year when I dried my parsley I used my dehydrator. I didn’t have as much parsley as this time, but it took awhile for the parsley to dry. The dehydrator method took 9 hrs and then it still wasn’t done so I had to leave it overnight then put the dehydrator back on in the morning.
This time I decided to use the traditional drying method by hanging it upside down in a dry place.


Things you need:

Garden or Kitchen scissors
A large container or something that is suitable for collecting the parsley
Garden or Kitchen twine
A dry space that is either inside or outside
Brown Paper Bags

1. Gather your parsley harvest and make sure it is dry.
2. Put them into loose bundles and secure the stems with the twine to assure that the bundles stay together.
3. Using brown paper bags, cover each bundle with the bags. Make sure that you cut some slits into the sides to allow for enough air to flow around the parsley. The paper bags keep the parsley clean and to prevent the parsley getting mouldy. Check occasionally to make sure there is no mould and, if need be either cut more holes in the bags or remove them.
4. Hang upside down in a warm, dry place. The parsley should be dry and brittle in approximately 2 weeks.
5. Collect all of the dried bundles and place on a sheet of baking paper.
6. Remove all of the discoloured/unhealthy leaves.
7. Crumble the dried leaves on the baking paper.
8. Store in an airtight container or glass jar in the cupboard.


Do you dry your own herbs? What method do you use?

Happy gardening!



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