In The Garden… A New Veggie Patch

I have a new veggie patch! I wanted to find another area in our backyard to grow some more veggies. When we first moved into our house, we had set up a little garden down a side area. It did work for a while, but the plants weren’t getting enough sun. They needed to be high up to reach the suns rays. We let it go and stopped planting anything around the side and ended up getting three wooden crates. They are placed in the middle of the backyard and do well. But I needed more space. So I asked hubby could we try and get a garden bed for around the side. We found one at Bunnings that was a good shape and was tall enough for the sun to shine those important rays for the veggies to grow.


I bought the net covering separately. It keeps out nasty bugs and also provides protection from the heat of the sun. It still allows the plants to get sunshine but lessens the harshness.


This good little bug was hanging around the outside of the net.


The fruit trees are covered in blossoms.


The wild strawberries have started flowering.


I also added a nice three-piece outdoor setting around the side so I can hide from the kids. No, only joking! I wanted to pretty up the area and make it more usable. It is a lovely shaded spot in the afternoon, and it would be a perfect place to sit in the summer.


Every second Friday I would like to share with you an In The Garden post. You can join in too, and you are more than welcome to share your garden or someone else’s. It could be the garden down the road or the park that you have in your town. You don’t have to have a veggie garden. It could be plants that are flowering or trees that are growing. It could be planted in the ground, containers or bins.

I would love to see what you have in any garden. All you need to do to join is add your link at the end of this post, and we can pop on over and have a look.

You can now join in with me via Instagram. You can just share your garden photos and tag using #_inthegarden_

Happy gardening and enjoy your weekend x


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