In The Garden… There’s a lot happening!

My garden has burst into action over the past two weeks. Plants are flowering, and there is an abundance of new growth.

The zucchini has started to grow. I am very excited as I haven’t had much luck with growing zucchini. This plant is growing in my new veggie garden.


The beetroot is flourishing.


The strawberries are flowering. I bought them a couple of weeks ago, and they are still in their little pots. I think I better replant them soon. Some of the plants even have strawberries starting to form.


The pea pods are expanding with juicy peas growing inside.


The loganberry plant that I planted last year has started to flower. I can’t wait to see how they grow.


The apricot tree has fruit already forming. I think it’s starting quite early this year.


The peach tree is not too far behind with fruit either. Not as big as the apricots though.


I have decided to do the In The Garden post every second Friday of the month. I was finding that every week I didn’t have a lot of new things to share. And maybe it gives you a chance to join in too.

You are more than welcome to share your garden or someone else’s. It could be the garden down the road or the park that you have in your town. You don’t have to have a veggie garden. It could be plants that are flowering or trees that are growing. It could be planted in the ground, containers or bins.

I would love to see what you have in any garden. All you need to do to join is add your link at the end of this post, and we can pop on over and have a look.

You can now join in with me via Instagram. You can just share your garden photos and tag using #_inthegarden_

Happy gardening and enjoy your weekend x


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