Christmas Already?

Yes, it’s Christmas already! I love Christmas; I do. But sometimes I’m not so sure when we start seeing the Christmas decorations galore in October. Why do they need to be in the shops in the month of October?? I remember when I was little and not seeing anything Christmasy until the first week of December. That’s right December!! The year goes fast enough. I don’t want Christmas in October. I want Christmas in December. It belongs in December.

I have found that keeping myself from enjoying the Christmas goodies until December; there is nothing good left to buy. I have tried to hold back and wait, but it’s no good. I needed to buy tinsel a couple of years ago to decorate the outside table. It was two weeks into December. I headed off to the shops and started searching. Well, there was nothing left. I love the big thick tinsel. I wanted red and green, the traditional colours. Did I find any? No. I had to use the thin falling apart tinsel that I had at home in the just in case decorations box.

So after that bad Christmas decoration experience, I have had to succumb to buying my decorations early. If you want the good stuff, you need to get in quick. Sometimes you get lucky, and the shops start their sales on the Christmas goodies in November and you can get some good bargains. But at times I don’t wait for the sales and buy early. If I see something good and I can afford it, I just buy it.

We received the Kmart catalogue the other day, and it was full of Christmas goodies. I have put together a little board to show you eight pretty Christmas things. I might just have to go and check it out. Yes, I am going to buy my decorations early!!

kmart xmas

Christmas Wreath with Berries 45 cm   $10.00 (aus)

Christmas Print Cushion – Robin   $10.00 (aus)

Ceramic Reindeer Lantern   $8.00 (aus)

Silver Tinsel Tree 90 cm   $5.00 (aus)

Snow Scene in Jar – Deer in Christmas Forrest   $6.00 (aus)

Stackable Christmas Doll Set   $8.00 (aus)

Woven Christmas Star   $8.00 (aus)

Glass Drink Jar with Straw   $2.00 each (aus)

I think there is quite some good stuff there and priced reasonably well. Just remember if you want to purchase any of it, get in early!

How do you feel about Christmas? Do you think the Christmas decorations are in the shops too early?

Happy Early Christmas shopping!





P.S This isn’t a sponsored post. I just wanted to share with you a little Christmas goodness. And maybe I might just be buying some of these myself xx






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