Frico Cheese

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Cheese, delicious Chee ess EEE!!

In this house, we love our cheese. The range of cheese that resides in our fridge varies from cheddar to tasty and sometimes we go down the old vintage path.

Now I am going to take you to a few weeks back when a little white fabric esky landed in our kitchen containing a selection of Frico Cheese.

Frico is a brand of Dutch cheeses made from milk from Friesian cows. The company is based in Holland and is the natural homeland of delicious quality cheese. Whether it be mild, matured or seasoned with herbs, every cheese of the Frico range has a unique taste. The range includes traditional brands such as Edam, Gouda and Maasdam as well as some speciality cheeses. The company has a strong heritage in cheese making since 1898 and it’s still using it’s original recipes today.

Edam Mild is a classic Dutch cheese with a mild, slightly salty taste. Perfectly grilled in a sandwich.

Here’s a little snippet of history about Frico: In 1898, six dairy factories formed the Foundation of Frisian Cooperative Dairy Export Association. By 1908, the Association was producing and exporting Cheshire and cheddar cheese swiftly followed by Gouda and Edam. So there began a passion for cheese-making that endures to this day. Frico Dutch cheeses are known and loved throughout the world. You can find more about the history of Frico Cheese here.

Frico Gouda cheese has a deliciously creamy and smooth flavour and is a perfect melting cheese.
I grated the Gouda cheese on my potato dish that we served for dinner during the week.

Frico is dedicated to producing top quality cheeses which is why it uses only the finest ingredients. All Dutch cheese has to comply with strict rules regarding fat, moisture and salt content. Frico monitors its cheese throughout the entire cheese making process – from the cow to your plate.

Frico Maasdam cheese has a sweet and nutty flavour. It makes a perfect addition to salads, pasta or sandwiches.
I enjoyed a few slices of the Maasdam cheese in a delicious sandwich.

We loved using Frico Cheese and found that it was easy to add to our weekly family meals. There were no complaints from the hungry bellies!

If you are unsure of how you can use the great range of Dutch cheeses, the Frico website has a fantastic variety of recipes for you to peruse through.

Frico Cheese can be found at selected Woolworths supermarkets, price range from RRP $5.99 to $11.95.

Frico Cheese – The Perfect Partner for your next dish.

Say Cheeeessee!!


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