Amazing Milk with Karen Martini

In our family, we go through litres and litres of milk. I don’t mind though as we all love drinking it, and it tastes great! That is why I couldn’t resist accepting the invitation when I was asked a few weeks ago to attend the Karen Martini’s Legendairy Love Affair event hosted by Legendairy and The Dairy Kitchen. Miss 8 tagged along with me, and we both got to find out about those fantastic benefits of amazing milk and dabbled in some cooking as well.


We learned that there were a lot of health benefits from including dairy foods in our diets. Dairy foods are number one for bones and teeth. There are also lots of important nutrients such as calcium and protein in the full range of dairy products.

The event started off with Karen Martini showing us how to make three delicious recipes. There was Lasagna, which included amazing milk, Scones and Ricotta Hotcakes. In each of these fabulous recipes, they included other amazing dairy products such as cheese, butter, and ricotta cheese.

Taste testing the creamy bechamel sauce from the lasagna
Karen Martinis homemade Scones with the perfect partnering of toppings

After making the first two recipes, Karen then got on to making her Ricotta Hotcakes.


As they were bubbling away and getting ready to be flipped over, Karen explained to us that we will be going to make these Ricotta Hotcakes.

There was a challenge amongst us bloggers to cook with our little helpers and make amazing hotcakes served with either savoury or sweet decorations.


Miss 8 and I headed to our cooking station and started our hotcakes. We went the sweet route and ended up with these oh-so-good hotcakes covered in strawberries, raspberries, maple syrup, chopped chocolate and a generous amount of sprinkles!


We had a fantastic time meeting Karen Martini, cooking and learning more about amazing milk and the nutritional benefits that dairy provides us.

If you would like to make Karen Martinis Ricotta Hotcakes, then I have lovingly included the recipe here!

ricotta hotcakes

And for all my fabulous readers, I have a Karen Martini cookbook giveaway!  There are Five x copies of Karen’s favourite cookbook, “Feasting” Valued at RRP $31 each.

If you want to get your hands on one of these fabulous cookbooks, all you have to do is tell me in the comments below “What favourite recipe do you like to make using Amazing Milk?” Competition is open to Australian residents only and ends on Wednesday 15th June 2016 at 12.00 am(AEST). Winners will be announced on the blog.


Good luck!

The competition has now closed. The winners are Elisha, Effie and Amy! Thank you for entering this great giveaway. I hope you enjoy your Karen Martini cookbooks.

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