Head Honcho Cafe in Prahran

Located in Chatham Street, Prahran Head Honcho café is a quaint corner shop with a mild western theme. It has a relaxed vibe along with great coffee and some delicious toasties.

When we visited we tried the Pistols at Dawn and The Sergio toasties. Pistols at Dawn was a very tasty toastie, loved the sauerkraut and pickles. Delicious together with the melted mozzarella and crumbled feta.

The Sergio was also yummy with the thick oozey cheeses. The mozzarella, bocconcini and cheddar with the tomato, sooo good!

We thank Head Honcho cafe for our delicious toasties and coffee. All of our opinions are genuine and are based on our experience at the time of our visit.

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