Places to visit

The Hack

The Hack, a recently renovated old building, has a nice vibe, with an open main area at the front, an area behind the central bar, a function room, and of course, outside tables.

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Places to visit

The Clarke Sisters’ Tea Party

Meet the Clarke Sisters

“Step into the high society world of the Clarke Sisters. These ladies would often be found spending lavish afternoons swapping stories over fine china teacups in one of the neo-gothic balconies overlooking Collins Street in the mid-1800’s”.

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Lime Cake

As I wandered through the fruit section in the supermarket during my weekly food shopping trip, I noticed that the limes were on special. Now usually I prefer to buy from the Farmers Markets, but our next one wasn’t coming up until the second week of June. I had wanted to make a moist buttery cake for awhile, and Lime Cake sounded like a good place to start.

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Amazing Milk with Karen Martini

In our family, we go through litres and litres of milk. I don’t mind though as we all love drinking it, and it tastes great! That is why I couldn’t resist accepting the invitation when I was asked a few weeks ago to attend the Karen Martini’s Legendairy Love Affair event hosted by Legendairy and The Dairy Kitchen. Miss 8 tagged along with me, and we both got to find out about those fantastic benefits of amazing milk and dabbled in some cooking as well.

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