• Lime Cake

    As I wandered through the fruit section in the supermarket during my weekly food shopping trip, I noticed that the limes were on special. Now usually I prefer to buy from the Farmers Markets, but our next one wasn’t coming up until the second week…

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  • Magic Cake

    I have always wanted to try this cake. When I look through Pinterest, I would sometimes see this Magic Cake recipe pop up from time to time. So I pinned it to my big cake board. I wanted to give this recipe a go as…

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  • Nutella Stuffed Cupcakes

    Nutella is a pantry staple in our house. I always hope that the kids will want it on toast for breakfast so I can grab a spoon and start eating it. Once I get the taste I can’t stop. But don’t worry I do stop…

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  • Chocolate Birthday Cake

    On Sunday was a combined birthday celebration for my two boys. The boys were turning 9 and 11. Their birthdays are a day and two years apart. Don’t ask me how we did that, I wish I could tell you but it just happened. Maybe someone…

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