• In The Garden… Relaxing Day

    The lettuce is continuing to grow. The strawberry plant keeps on giving a strawberry here and there. Gorgeous little wild violets are sprouting up near the garden shed. The kids are playing with dirt and water. They love mixing up concoctions. And of course Georgia, the four legged kid enjoys playing with the kids too!…

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  • In The Garden….. New growth

    It’s Friday already and time for the In The Garden post. There is new growth growing in my veggie garden. With the rain and some sunny days the plants have really enjoyed it. New growth of lettuce popping through the soil New growth of parsley…

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  • In The Garden….. A bit slow

    What has been happening In The Garden this week: The rainbow chard has received treatment and is on the mend. The powdery mildew has gone. There are some nice big leaves that are ready to be picked, might use some on the weekend. The rogue…

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  • Ripe red tomatoes

      I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. The weather here was lovely, not too cold and not too hot. I headed out into the garden and turned over the soil in the veggie boxes and planted the new seedlings. Grow little guys, grow! Our…

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  • Garden produce

    Our veggie garden has done well during the summer growing season. We received four corn cobs this year. Last summer we didn’t  get anything from the corn. The possums ended up getting the cob as it was starting to grow so the rest of the…

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